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Long Distance, Cheap Virtual Calling Cards

If you're looking a cheap long distance service, international phone cards or a virtual calling card, we've got money saving offers and discounts from the biggest long distance carriers and phone companies! Save on your your long distance bill, pay the lowest international long distance rate, and use the networks of the best and biggest global phone & internet service companies to make cheap international calls, fantastic telecom savings expatriats, immigrants and frequent business travellers.

Use our tools & long distance rate calculators to find the cheapest calling card, broadband phone service or international long distance calling services and save on your telephone service & internet service bill. For reliable service and low international rates try Acculinq, Cognigen, PNG & iConnectHere Virtual Calling Cards. You can also learn more about and review VoIP services and broadband phones for PC to Phone calls.

Featured Phone Card

iConnectHere International Long Distance

iConnectHere Virtual Calling Card
Cheap international calling card solution to save on long distance bills. Since its a virtual card, you can take it with you and use it in 27 countries and use it via toll free numbers. Also, they offer a pay as you go plan - you pay only for the calls you make!

VoIP, Internet Voice Telephony - For Discount International Calls

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Phone Card

A phone card with cheap international long distance rates is as important for a traveler or businessman as a passport. With all phone card companies and major long distance carriers selling products online, buying on the Internet has becomes the cheapest mode of buying cheap prepaid calling cards. You have range of options in your choice for a calling card, these are - prepaid calling cards, post paid phone cards and cellular calling cards. We have some great discounted rates on any phone card you pick.

Prepaid phone cards offer the best international long distance calling rate. Although they have slightly higher rates than prepaid calling cards, post paid virtual calling cards make up for it in features. Their connection fees and billing increments are much lower or free and you do not have to re-purchase or re-charge the phone card. Cellular or mobile calling cards are also becoming very popular and offering cheaper rates with many more features now. As with prepaid phone cards, you can purchase and receive these cards or PINs and start using the card minutes instantly.

Cheap Phone Card

Cheap Prepaid Calling Card - TalkHome
Want to stay in touch with your family abroad, the TalkHome International prepaid calling card is an excellent choice for your calling needs. Prepaid Calling Card with great International rates. 19.9 India, 3.8 Germany, 3.8 Italy

Virtual Phone Card

Online Phone Card, Monthly Billed, CogniCall
Cognicall is not a prepaid phone card, it's monthly billed calling card. Call from over than 50 countries low rates, no activation fee, no monthly fee. Virtual calling card, cheap international and interstate call rates!

Cheapest Rate, India

Call India - Lowest Rate, Highest Minutes
Rate: 10.9¢/min
NobelCom provides low-cost rechargeable online prepaid phone cards for international long distance calling. Join the Nobel family and receive low-cost, high-quality prepaid phone cards & cellular calling cards for long-distance telephone services that fit your needs. Enjoy low rates from home, office, or anywhere you travel

Virtual Calling Card - Find and Compare Phone Card Offers

Long Distance

Save on your international long distance bill, unlimited long distance services! Featured below are some of the guaranteed cheapest long distance phone service providers. Though most of these companies offer excellent deals, no single long distance carrier is best for everyone. To help you in the decision making process we have laid out long distance plans with the highest savings and lowest international rate per minute. Be sure to compare these plans carefully to determine which is best for you and will save you the most money. You can use our friendly Long Distance Rates Calculator and let us suggest some money saving plans for you. Keep in touch with family at the cheapest long distance rates worldwide

Low Rate International Calls, Talk America

Long Distance Service, Best International Rate, Talk America
5 ¢/minute
Reliable long distance service as low as 5 cents per minute no contract, no time restrictions and no monthly fee if your usage is $10 or more per month! Low International rates. Available everywhere. Call India as low as $0.6, Bangalore, Mumbai, Madras, New Delhi

International Long Distance, Pioneer

Low International Rates - Pioneer Telephone
An extensive list of features low local and long distance rate, their Rate Buster plan will save you a lot on your bill. Best phone plan on the market today! Great long distance and exceptional customer service

Cheap International Plans, CogniWorld

Best Rate International Calling Plan, CogniWorld
Long distance telephone service at a discount rate, low cost, save on your bill for international calls, best rate here. No monthly fees, state-to-state, industry leading International rates highlight this money saving calling plan.

Cheap Long Distance - Compare Long Distance Rates

Broadband Phone - VoIP, Voice Over Internet Phone

VoIP also allows you to make national and international long distance call directly from a computer using a conventional telephone or a microphone. If you have broadband Internet access, you need not maintain and pay the additional cost for a local line just to make telephone calls. Because Internet telephony or VoIP is digital, it offers features and services that are not available with a traditional phone. With many VoIP plans, for a flat monthly fee, you can talk for as long as you want with any person in the world if they have an Internet connection - now that's what we call unlimited long distance!

iConnectHere Broadband Phone

iConnectHere Broadband Phone
This broadband phone service comes packed with fea tures and is also easy to use. You receive a free phone adapter and PC to phone soft client that lets you make international calls while you're on the move at the lowest rates.

T1, DSL, Conference Call Service for Business

Cut your business costs by using our cheap rate T1, DSL, 800 number phone & long distance services. Our fastest moving business communication products are listed below

800 Number

800 Number Phone Toll Free, Kall8
800 number with follow me anywhere service. Get Custom 800 toll free or 800 vanity number for your business, route it to a convinient location anytime

800 Number, Unlimited Long Distance

Unlimited Long Distance, Toll Free, Voicemail
Trinsic / Z-Tel Bundled - All for one low monthly fee. Save 70-90% of your phone costs with features & cheap discounts such as Unlimited Long Distance, Personal Voice Assistant & Toll free services

Long Distance, T1 Line, DSL for Business

More about: 800 number, T1 Line, Conference Call Service

For Travel

Here's a quick list of our travel products. These Long Distance, Phone Services & Internet Access services have been picked out and presented here because they can be accessed from just about anywhere and are a great match for our visitors who jet set around the world. If you are traveling to India, you can sign up for monthly billed phone cards or toll free internet access services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Save money!! Stop paying direct access charges to your hotel.
Postpaid Long Distance, Travel Phone Cards

In Canada

Visiting us from Canada? We have something for you. Many of our Phone service brands & internet access products are now available in Canada. Now you too can save money on Long Distance & High Speed Internet Access. Here's a quick list of low priced services you can use to save some big bucks
Phone Services, ISP in Canada


Here is a list cheap long distance service, phone cards & 800 number services that are available to our long distance customers.
International Long Distance

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